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  • Alisa Chair

    Upholstered Seat and Back Sled Frame

    Materials: Fabric, Foam, Plywood. Steel Frame, & Chrome Steel

    Size: 63 x 65 x 47H x 87H

    Care Instruction

    A lot of care has gone into choosing the materials that go into making the product. And with continued care, they will share your address for many years. Please keep the following in mind to ensure a long life for your product:

    • Avoid outdoor use and exposure to water or prolonged moisture.
    • Avoid exposure to direct heat or sunlight as this can cause the product colour to fade.
    • Keep sharp objects away from your product. A little tear on the fabric cover may be hard to repair.
    • Vacuum your products periodically with a soft bristled brush attachment or lightly brush them to keep general dirt and dust off the product and prevent any embedding between the fibres.
    • Try to avoid food and drink spillage of any kind. If spills occur, do not leave unattended.
    • In case of a stain, a water-free fabric cleaner can be used. However, avoid applying the cleaner directly on the stain as this can cause damage to the fabric and fade colour. Pour the cleaner onto a clean cloth and test its effect on a hidden area of the product before cleaning the stain with the cloth.
    • A professional scotchguard treatment is one of the easiest and most effective options to protect against spills or stains and keep pet hair at bay.
    • Getting your product professionally cleaned once every 6-8 months will not only take care of the nooks and corners that you can’t reach, it will also make it more durable.

    SKU : EISO-ALC01

  • Buttercup Chair

    Four Legged PP

    PP Seat and Back


  • Calla 1 Chair


    The Calla 1 chair is available in several choices to bring colour into any environment. The chairs are made from fibreglass reinforced polypropylene. They have a durable ribbed back, in its the classic shape. The Calla 1 chair is lightweight and easy to move while still being incredibly durable and strong.

    Four Legged frame

    PP Seat and Back


  • Calla 2 Chair


    Calla is one of the most copied chairs of the modern era, it features an ideal shape for the human form, with a back that offers just the right amount of give to keep your upper body comfortable and a waterfall seat that supports your legs without pressing into them.It is shaped the core of Danish design identity with this chair by forming it from one piece of plywood that he cleverly narrowed in the middle to accommodate three different bends. Once painstakingly made by hand,. Suitable for commercial use. Stacks six high.

    • Lacquered veneer is a glossy finish with no visible wood grain, making chairs uniform.
    • Natural veneer also keeps the wood grain visible, making each chair unique.

    Four Legged frame

    PP Seat and Back

  • Carnation


    Carnation has a simple, yet brilliant construction. Half of the backrest is in front of the back legs, while half is behind them, imbuing the chair with comfort and character.

  • Daffodil


    Daffodil is designed to work well with Sit/Stand desk systems or can be utilized as a standard low height stool. Comes standard with rolling casters for low height use and glides for high height settings to ensure chair does not roll away from user as  you lean against seat cushion.  The seat cushion is a sealed cushion that can be wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe as needed making it perfect for static sensitive and heavy duty areas.  The seat cushion mechanism can be adjusted by user to a fixed position or loosened so that it will tilt forward and backward as desired.

    • Durable chair with gas lift height adjustment
    • Designed to work with sit/stand desk systems
    • Comes with casters and glides for users to customize
    • Glides prevent chair from rolling away from user when standing
    • Casters allow user to use chair in low height setting and roll freely as needed.
  • Dahlia

    Seat and Back: PP finish

  • Daisy chair


    Is multifunctional shell chair and created a versatile family of chairs with a clean contemporary look. The shape of the seat shell provides great freedom of movement in a variety of sitting positions – even sideways or astride the chair.  Daisy chair can be used in all kinds of environments – in the office, as well as in public spaces and in the home.

    Four Legged Frame

    PP Seat and Back

  • Elsa


    Elsa is design as an elegant innovative chair. Every line and every curve of this chair has been designed to balance maximum comfort with minimum space. It has a visual light expression that allows great freedom of movement for the user and a design that can easily slide under all tables.

  • Fantasia Chair


    Fantasia chair is an eye-catching, versatile lightweight chair featuring an intriguingly sculpted webbed backrest with soft modern lines. Due to its mold injected durable Polypropylene material this stylish chair is both weather resistant and extremely versatile for either indoor or outdoor use.

    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • Weight: 5Kg
    • Stackable up to 8 high
    • UV Protected

    Product Dimension

    W415 x D530 x H850 mm